Friday, 12 April 2013

I'm a bumble bee....

My bumble bee outfit finally fits, mummy says I've grown into it.

The other day we went to Blackburn and Preston, on the train! I was pretty scared and it was loud but I was brave and slept for the journey. When we got to Preston I got to sleep on a table at a meeting, it was fun.

I now sleep in bed with Mummy and Daddy every night, they say I'm old enough now to not get up to trouble! I am so spoiled, I get to go for car rides, walks and play every day.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

So much has happened

Hi everyone, It's been a while..
I've had such a busy time, mummy ordered me the smallest harness she could find and it's still too big so I have to wear my jumper under it to make it fit.
I also got to play outside in the garden, It was scary at first but I love it.

Me and April are still best friends too.

It's a hard life.

Oliver. xx

Friday, 15 February 2013

More me...

My mummy introduced me to her granddad this week, he loves me very much. He said I'm a lovely dog. I'm really happy I keep making friends, I am also sleeping through the night and letting mummy get up during the night without crying. I'm a lap dog though, I love to sit with mummy or daddy while they watch TV.

My mummy filmed me barking at Winter the cat, I enjoy barking when I play.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It's been a while.

Hi everyone,

It's been a while because mummy's been too busy to let me on her laptop.
Yesterday I went and had my 2nd vaccine and got microchipped, I was very brave I didn't cry or anything. The vet said I was a very manly chihuahua.

I've been really good comforting mummy and uncle Ben yesterday when they were upset. My itching has almost completely stopped now so mum and dad think I have some form of food allergy but this new hypoallergenic food seems to be doing the trick.

Mummy gave into temptation and bought me something to wear for Halloween, even though it's months off. It's a bumble bee hoody. It's way too big on me but mummy says it will fit by October, mummy thinks the local kids will love it.

Mummy has said she wants me to become a PAT dog, whatever that means. She said my size may mean more people in hospital benefit from a doggy visit. But that's a while away yet.

Mummy took these pics of me yesterday afternoon but got distracted by everything and forgot to put them up so I will put them up now

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 6 Its a day of rest for my little legs

Hello everyone,
Today mummy took some video of me being all cute and stuff.

I've been falling asleep alot today, this very exciting week has taken its toll. 
I had some fresh chicken today and it was very tasty, mummy and daddy spent ages watching me walk on my back legs! I helped Aiden, mummy and daddy cook and have been a very quick learner, I know my name almost perfectly now and I wait at doors for mummy and/or daddy to pass before I walk through, they have to tell me I can go first. 
I'm very happy in my new home, I'm brave enough to take toys off the other dogs and run off with them. Mummy says I will get away with anything because I'm so cute. 


Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 5 coming into my own

Hello everyone,
I have a facebook page now! Mummy can upload pictures for me to show me off.
So please "like" my page.

Yesterday I told you about mummy filming me playing with April, well here's the video.

My jumpers arrived today, mummy says I need them at the moment because it's so cold and I'm only young. I have a blue one and a dark purple one, I don't like them much but they say I will get used to them.

The weathers really bad here at the moment and I'm a bit scared of the wind on the windows, April's keeping me company though! Alaska's warming up to me, she was a little bit scared of me at first.
I slept well last night, I went straight to sleep but woke about 5.30 am and cried, mummy hasn't stopped yawning since I arrived I think she will be glad when I sleep through the night.
Daddy's bought me something, something about "spiderman" whatever that is? Mummy says' she's sorry but daddy insists. I wonder why she's sorry?
Mummy's taking me to pets at home this week, she said she will carry me as I'm not fully vaccinated yet. It will help me socialize.
Oliver x

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Day 4 confidence and happiness

Hey everyone,
I slept well last night and went straight to sleep until 4am when I woke up and wanted my mummy, mummy finally gave in at 6am and I spent 2 hours sleeping in her arms while she slept, I felt safe. I love feeling safe.
I've had a really weird day, mummy left me for the first time since I arrived today. She wasn't gone for long but I had to prove I was a big boy and wait for her to come home. 
I am really good at walking on my back legs, mummy said she wants to teach me to dance. 
I was filmed playing with April tonight so keep your eyes open for that tomorrow! 
I'm gaining confidence every day and am now confident enough to go and take toys from April, Alaska and Aiden. I'm also confident enough to sleep in April's fur, it's very soft.
I even humped daddy's arm!
I'm just getting started with my antics! I wonder what else I have in store for mummy, daddy and the Sheltie clan.